Waterloo Region Hidden Gems – Huron Natural Area

January 12, 2018 Melanie Evans 0 Comments

To a newcomer, Kitchener, at first glance, looks like a very urban, bustling city, and one rarely ever associates the word ‘forest’ with the word ‘city’. However, those of us who have been around the Waterloo Region a little longer know that at the southern end of the city, just off busy Trillium Drive, you’ll find the Huron Natural Area, Kitchener’s largest, and most beautiful, natural space.

Huron offers something for everyone. Joggers, photographers, bird watchers, hikers and even, in the summer when the weather’s nice, sun-worshippers, all enjoy the streams, trails, and meadows that hide in plain sight.



There are also workshops and events offered year-round, including all of the following:

Winter Tales and Trails – Kids can get out of the house (a blessing for parents trying to tame that winter cabin fever) and enjoy a gentle hike led by expert park staff as well as a fun storytime in the heart of the forest.

Forest School Programs – Offered year round and led by instructors from Nature Connect, these day sessions include crafting, games and nature exploration.

KNAP Family and Friends Nature Program – A program for families that want to explore nature together.

Adult Nature Workshops – Bored of going to the gym for your workouts? These workshops help you get your exercise in outdoors along some stunning walking trails and are a great way to meet new people to boot!

Learn more about all of these offerings and more here.

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