Ice Skating in the Waterloo Region – Where to Go, When to Go, What to Do

January 17, 2018 Melanie Evans 0 Comments

Ice. It’s cold, it can be dangerous on the road but, strap on a pair of skates and it becomes something entirely wonderful. There’s  ice hockey of course, but you don’t have to pick up a stick to enjoy ice skating. It’s a great way to get outdoors, escape your daily routine and just kick back and have fun. It’s  also great for your health and that of every member of your family (even toddlers can be taught to skate) Consider all of the following:

Ice Skating can

  • Improve balance and coordination – works for both kids and adults
    Improve joint flexibility – Want great legs and knees that don’t creak when you get up in the morning? Take up ice-skating.
    Be a great cardio workout – Ice skating is a great form of aerobic exercise and a heck of a lot more fun than the treadmill at the gym.
    Help with weight management – Watching your weight? Ice skating burns 300-650 calories an hour, which is more than many other forms of exercise.
    Improve your mental fitness – The fresh air you’ll get outdoor ice skating, as well as the company of other people, can be a great way to relax, unwind and skate away some of the stress that we all inevitably face. In kids and young people especially it can be a fabulous way to build confidence too.

We’re very lucky in the Waterloo Region when it comes to outdoor ice skating. There are more than two dozen public outdoor skating rinks in our area. In fact, the list is pretty big. Click on the links below to get updated opening times, directions and basic information about any one of them.


There are also special events and classes offered at some of the rinks. There are special classes for kids offered at several of the larger rinks and once a month in December, January and February the City of Waterloo helps host a ‘Skate Night, Date Night’ event at the downtown rink as well. Beats Netflix and a pizza if you ask us!


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